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    Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker

Hello, it´s me, Christian!

I was born in munich 1976 and raised up near the alps. This is the reason why i am feel at home, when i am surrounded by mountains and nature. A lot of things have changed, since i am a professional photographer. My Job brought me to some awesome places and i have always to remember a friends thoughts: Listen, the good thing at our job is, you can decide what´s next - always! Your skills and your creativity opens more and more opportunities to shoot.

And this is, what it´s all about - getting connected to new personalities, the versatility of my job and the exciting adventures you'll discover when you are on duty. I was shooting freeskier in iceland, car racing drivers in wales, a crazy captain in italy, a masai tribe in tanzania, i was surrounded by sharks doing a photoshoot at the bahamas islands. I simple love to discover these opportunities and i am always observing and listening to my surroundings - to get this very special moment before pushing the trigger.

If you have some interessting stories, please don´t hesitate to contact me!
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Making pictures makes me happy. Specialized in portrait and business photography.

Director of photography

I can listen and observe. There´re always some interesting stories out there.


I can offer award winning skills and production up to 4k. I am a registered pilot in germany & austria. I am also licensed by austro control to fly officially in austria (category c,d).

Planning & Postproduction

Customer satisfaction begins with a good planning and ends hopefully with a smile.

Member of "Behind the Mask"

I am also part of an creative collective called "Behind the mask". We are an award winning team of professionals specialized in storytelling and droneflying. Check out our adventures at