Helping "Sehen ohne Grenzen" to promote their great efforts helping a lot of people to get back their eyelight.

About the Project in Tanzania

In mid 2013, a team of austrian eye specialist headed to tanzania to bring back the eyelight to nearly 80 people. Most of them are massai, bush people from africa. There live in areas with no or not much health care.

Without the help of lifeearth & sehen ohne grenzen, the people never had the chance to see the beauty of the african light again. The treatment was made in kwalukonge health center - a hospital in the middle of nowhere. The so called Eye Camps are managed and organized by serveral NGO´s. This first Eye Camp in 2013 was in tanzania, a second one followed in namibia.

Please support LifeEarth & Sehen ohne Grenzen. With your help, it´s possible to run further projects like this.

///// Team ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Eye Specialist: Prim Dr. Markus Grasl
Doctor Kwalukonge Health Center: Dr. Christian Mlundwa
Optican: Johannes Döllerer
Registered Nurse: Maria Gruber
LifeEarth Support: Andrea Ochabauer
LifeEarth Head: Gerhard Gindl

///// Equipment ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
EOS 5D MkIII (2x)
EOS 5D MkII (1x)
Lightweight Jag Rig with Lanparte Follow Focus
Kinotehnik Hoodloupe
Sennheiser MKE-400 Mic
Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly